Vidyo: iOS screen recording, no jailbreak required [updated]

Vidyo: iOS screen recording

Vidyo isa popular screen Recorder app among iOS users. Vidyo App recorder is a screen recording service for iPhone and iPad users. Vidyomobile app allows you to grab your device screen even at the time when the device is not using this app. Yes, it means you can record your home screen as well as other apps on your iOS devices, and you can save everything as a video file in your device easily.

Vidyo Download worked as charmed as it is famous for. You can set to record the device audio or the microphones you can choose an option, you can record video from the device screen or camera, Vidyo app store also comes with a feature which let you import your audio files and mix them with recordings to produce screencasts directly on iOS.

iOS screen recording

Vidyo Screen Recorder

Vidyo Screen Recorder is one essential app which allows the screen recording app for iPhones and iPad was available on the app store until January this year for $ 4.99 although Video Support is there for all “Vidyo” users.

Surprisingly Apple’s analyst’s team found Vidyo Download an app which they cannot keep continuing on apple store for some reason of its screen recording capabilities, so due to this reason, they immediately removed it and now you cannot get it directly on apple sore for using vidyodesktop.

After this Act of Apple removing it from the app store, few other third party App Stores like  ACMarket APK made this app available in their app stores. But after Apple found this app in those app stores they also remove the certifications from another third-party app store for the “Vidyo Download”.

So again vidyo neo is not available to download once again on third-party app stores. We noticed that people are searching for  Vidyo Download Well, hold on still I have to tell you the good news that your loved vidyo app for android is still can be downloaded and this can be done through a Gizmo called Cydia Impactor, and it’s supporting both iOS 9 and iOS 10.

Vidyo – Download Screen Recorder

Vidyo Screen Recorder is one best when it comes to Record iPhone screen if you want an app for your iPhone devices which can record your screen without relying on jailbreak or any external hardware and you want a way how to download vidyo apps so indeed this is an app for you.

Vidyo app download is the best app in many ways as can capture the screen displayed on iPhones. Even this app has a feature that it can do additional post-processing and be saving the video in the photos app.

Vidyo iOSEmus is an iOS 10 screen recorder free app which also allows you to capture your screen even when you are not using this app, The best I like about this app is that you can even set to record the device audio or the microphones you can choose any option and also its an iOS 10.1.1 Screen Recorder.

Features of Vidyo Screen Recorder –  Vidyo, app download  latest version

Vidyo appliance is an essential app if you want to record your iPhone device screen and this app has a lot of many features which give this app an upper hand over any other app which can record the iPhone screen. So here we will discuss the main features come with the vidyo app portal.

  • Vidyo Download allows you to capture your device screen
  • You can capture your screen even when you are not using the app which means you can record your home screen as well as other apps and saving everything to a video file on your device.
  • Vidyo iOS download allows recording the device audio
  • It comes with a feature which allows you to import your audio files and mix them with recordings to produce screencast directly on iOS
  • The iOS status bar will turn blue to indicate  Airplay mirroring has activated and vidyo app free will start recording the video and audio ( which is optional) in the background.

So these are major Feature of vidyo app for mac, and I hope you also liked the features of Vidyo Screen Recorder and willing to install it in your devices. Here next I will tell you how to install Vidyo inc in your device with a Gizmo/ Tool called Cydia Impactor. So get ready to know how to get Vidyo screen recorder for your iOS 9 and iOS 10 and get a way to get vidyo screen recorder free download.

How to Install Vidyo Screen Recorder On your iPhone?

If you want to install Vidyo Screen Recorder On your iPhone and implement Cydia, you required a computer running macOS, Linux or windows. It’s a newer tool developed by Saurik which allows you to install iPA files on your phone using your free Apple ID.Here we will use Cydia Impactor to sideload the vidyo app iOS file to your iPhone, also it will not ask for  vidyo apple id, so now just follow the instructions mentioning below for further steps

  • First Step:  Download the Vidyo IPA file.
  • Second Step:  Download Cydia Impactor. As you finished Downloading the compressed file, just extract t and dispatch the main program.
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  • Third Step: Now connect your device without your computer. Also, note that the equipment must have iTunes installed for the tool to work.
  • Fourth Step: once connected to the computer, Cydia Impactor will display your device name on the interface of the app. Now you have to open the folder enclose the Vidyo IPA file, Just drag that file on the interface of the app. I have pulled my file on my desktop in my situation.
  • Fifth Step:  As you have dropped the file, Cydia Impactor will ask you to provide the Apple ID and password for the account. You can use any of the Apple Active ID accounts for these steps.
  • Sixth step:  As soon as provide login details the program will start signing the IPA file. Now you will notice a warning pop-up, click ok to confirm it, and this will continue the process. You can see an app icon on home screen after the Vidyo Download will be installed successfully.
  • Step Seven:  Now on your iPhone open Settings > General > Profile and device management, from this point find the file Comparable to Vidyo and trust it. Now all steps have done, and your app is ready to use.

NOTE: You have to reinstall the app every week. Apple has the policy to provide a free developer account with seven days provisioning profile. On the other hand, I think it’s still a great solution for the users as no jailbreaking is required, and the video quality is very nice.

How to Record iPhone Screen with Vidyo Screen Recorder?

As you are aware of the best features of Vidyo screen recorder and you are also mindful of the fact that it allows you to capture the device display, also it allows capturing device audio and microphone at the same time.Also, I would like o to tell here video desktop download also in the future article I will can also get information regarding vidyo desktop app and vidyo support in an upcoming article.

As you can notice from the main screen, you can tweak output options for resolutions options up to 1080p and 60 fps. Vidyo Download app also comes with additional mixing feature which allows you to import your audio files and mix them with recordings to produce screencast directly on your device.

Now if you want to start capturing your screen you need to check the box beside Device screen in the video Source Section. You can either select Device audio or Microphone audio or both at the same time as I have already mentioned this before. So finally at the top right corner hit the start button. Now Tap Done.

After doing that open control center and select Vidyo as an Airplay Source. You will notice that the status bar will turn blue to indicate Airplay Mirroring has activated and Vidyo free download iOS has at the background has started the recordings. After doing as explained above and you done with that, stop Airplay, and your recorded video will get saved automatically in the photos app.

Note:  Airplay needed to the device all devices to connect to the same Wi-Fi network; you just turned ON your wifi to get it worked to get vidyo download iOS 10


We have tried my best to give all information for Video Screen Recorder, we have given steps to Install Vidyo Screen Recorder On your iPhone so you will not find any difficulty using the Vidyo Download in your iPhone devices. Even if you feel any problem getting your app on your device as we have mentioned in my article please do write us, we will make sure to give all possible solution if you found issue getting it on your Vidyo app.vidyo pricing is free of cost to use this app.

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