Google Play Store Download for PC Windows

Google Play Store Download for PC

Currently, maximum people head to the latest gadgets that are regarded as assistance to their daily life. Despite the dense use of gadgets, PCs are still ruling the digital world simplifying our daily lives. Most of the PC users use Google Play Store for PC in daily life. It needs to know the importance of the Google Play Store and how it is beneficial for people those are using it. Needless to mention, Android is being used in most of the gadgets and still it enjoys the top spot as the Operating System. It is amazing that Play Store is not only for Android users but PC users too.

People, those are using the Google Play Store; they know that this is the finest platform that will meet their entire requirement. It has numerous records. This is the platform that loaded with approximately two million of apps and the almost seventy billion downloads have been conducted so far. At the present time, Google Play Store app for PC also has a number of users around the globe. People with different requirements like different apps, music, movies, books, magazines find this is the right platform for them to get their required items. It’s a strict filtering process to prevent malware is another feature that maximum people download their apps without any hesitation.

How Google Play Store for PC is important?

Google Play Store for PC is same important as different gadgets. Using this mega app platform, you can easily download your necessary apps without many flaws. This is loaded with apps from different developers along with dissimilar categories of applications and each one had different uses and useful for users. All most all users have a hidden wish that, they like to play their favorite game or to use their apps in a big screen rather than tiny mobile screens. The Play Store for PC just caters this facility.

App NameGoogle Play Store
Latest Version26.7.16
UpdateAugust 19, 2021 (2 days ago)

Google Play Store download

Download Google Play Store for PC

In order to download Google Play Store on your PC, first we have to install Android emulator that will recognize the APK file. PC can’t recognize them as they are being programmed to find out only .exe files and Google Play Store is available in APK format. This emulator helps to run Android OS on your PC as a result, you can use this platform for free software. BlueStacks is one of such emulator that helps us to run Android in our own PC.

To download BlusStacks,

  • Go to browser and type BlueStacks web address.
  • Open it and it will show your download button.
  • Click on BlueStacks 2.0 version because this latest.
  • Then download and install it.

This is one of the helpful apps to run Android on your PC. Plus, it also comes with various useful features.

The Play Store PC download is made simpler and easier and someone can easily download it. This is available for all those users wanting to make their download flawlessly. You can sync your Google mail in your PC so it will allow you to add apps to your wish list to download them later.

There are two different versions BlueStacks also available, but their functions are almost same but the 2.0 is packed with cool versions along with upgraded performance.

Ways to download and install Google Play Store for PC 

After finishing downloading BlueStack app in your PC, install it without any delay and it is also very simple for anyone to use. Plus, if you are using an Android device in your mobile or tablets, they need for a trial before using BlueStacks.

  • Double click on BlueStack file.
  • Then it will show extracting the file.
  • After extracting, it will be finished within seconds.
  • It will show a welcome message.
  • Then click on “next”.
  • Then it will install completely.
  • Once finish of installation, click on finish button.

After BlueStacks opens, you will really find it easy to download various those were not installed on your PC.  BlueStacks comes with little bar that makes the tabs separately from the applications along with a sidebar which comes with many features.

After finishing all the installation process, sign in with your existed Gmail and password. Click on OK to accept terms and conditions. It’ll redirect to another page, clicking on the symbol and it will take you to the next phase of installation.

  • Click on continue and you have to sign in once again to complete the Enable App Sync.
  • Click on Let’s Go to redirect to Google Play Store free software.
  • On this page you will see a number of apps, but you should click on the search bar and now it will completely take to Play Store.
  • If you will apply, CTRL+Right Click, it expands a left bar that shows a number of categories. And you should choose your desirable app for download.

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