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The biggest advantage of Clash Royale APK is that there’s no limitation of resources. You can unlock new cards, troops, and levels quickly by using the in-game resources, free of cost. Also, you can enhance the experience by joining a Clash Royale Server.

Game Description Of Clash Royale APK

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game starring your favorite characters Golem, Mega Knight, Royal Giant, Baby Dragons, Elite Barbarians, Wizard, Princess, and so on. Also, you can collect and update playable cards consists of troops, spells, and builders. Clash Royale began its journey with the original 42 cards. But after several updates, there are a total of 98 cards in the Clash Royale APK and many more to come.

In this APK, a major update came in June 2018. Supercell added a new card, emote deck. It allows the Clash Royale players to use up to 8 emote decks from their emote collection. In the beginning, players get 4 free emote deck cards, but they can get more from in-game purchases, various challenges, or by downloading the APK for Clash Royale free.

Clash Royale APK

Launch of Clash Royale by Supercell

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy and Freemium game that has over 28 million downloads on Google Play Store. This app is developed by the developer company Supercell, the same company behind the wildly successful Clash of Clans. Clash Royale was launched back in 2016, and several updates came after that.

People often search for this game using phrases like Clash of Royale APK, thinking Clash Royale would be the same as its predecessor Clash of Clans. But the game’s name is Clash Royale, not Clash of Royale.

Arena 3 Deck

Arena 3 is very fun to play, and it consists of cards like archers, and super Goblins. You can choose Prince to play in the Arena 3 deck. The only drawback of the Prince is that it charges slowly. But except this drawback, Prince Card is superb in Arena 3 deck. You can try different combinations and strategies to move up to the next level in this APK.

If you’re a new Clash Royale APK player, you’ll get access to the Prince first. Prince is a tower killing troops, and most players use the Prince as a counter against the attack. But it’s important to know where to place the Prince. You should only use the Prince when your opponent is low on the elixir.

Baby Dragon is one of the most effective cards in the APK Clash Royale. In Arena 3 Deck, Baby Dragon works very effectively, and you can easily defeat the opponent if you’ve proper strategy, and plan.

Knight is also a great card in the Arena 3 Deck. It costs only 3 elixirs. The use of the Knight Card is very versatile. You can use the Knight Card to attack or you can use it to soak up the damage, and let your other troop cards to destroy enemy structures.

Arena 9 Deck

In Arena 9, deck diversity starts to increase. When you reach the Arena 9, you’ll have to change your tactics and strategy in order to move up to the next Arena 10 Deck or Hog Mountain. Some of the decks may look similar in the Arena 9 deck, such as the classic, Goblin Barrel, the Golem Decks, Hog Rider, etc. Here is the list of top Arena 9 decks-

  • Hog Rider Deck
  • Rocket with Goblin Barrel Deck
  • Balloon with Lava Hound Deck
  • Hog Rider with Rocket Deck
  • Golem Deck

Best Clash Royale Full APK Deck

With the recent launch of the Clash Royale League, it became easier to get a glimpse of the new strategy, and a high level of tactical gameplay of the Clash Royale.

For the best Clash Royale Deck, you can combine Log, Ice Golem, Hunter, Hog Rider, Cannon Cart, Valkyrie, and Inferno Dragon. This combination is well balanced, and it can cope up with any situation. Even the smallest mistakes from your competitor will give you slight advantage over him.

With these troops’ composition, defending the crown towers becomes easy. If you don’t have a dedicated structure, you can still defend easily. Again, if you send the Hog Rider in front of the cannon, you can heavily damage your opponent in a second. On the other hand, if you send 2 different troops into two different lanes, you can confuse your opponent to choose between the two sides to defend. The bottom line is that if you choose this composition of troops, it’ll be the best strategy to move up in the game. It is undoubtedly the best Clash Royale Deck.

Clash Royale Tournament

Clash Royale introduced a new tournament mode in the game a few years ago. The tournament is basically similar to the normal battles that we know with only one exception being your full deck will be kept at Clash Royale level 9. You can unlock the tournament mode when you reach experience level 5. But you can only play the tournament mode when you reach experience level 9.

You can create the tournament using gems only. Players of the Clash Royale Tournament will be awarded tournament chests based on their tournament performance. There’re two types of victory challenges. In the first type, you will have to win 12 times straight without losing no more than 2 battles. In another victory challenge, you’ll have to finish the entire Clash Royale APK challenge by winning all the battles, and crowns without losing a single battle.

You’ll have to spend 10 gems for Classic Clash Royale Challenge and 100 gems for Clash Royale Grand Challenge. When you complete the Clash Royal Grand Challenge, you’ll receive 1100 Clash Royale Cards, and 22,000 Gold. Again, by completing the Clash Royale Classic Challenge, you’ll receive 2000 Gold and 100 Clash Royale Cards.

In the latest update, Supercell renamed the custom Clash Royale tournaments to Private tournaments and removed all the prizes from custom tournaments.

Clash Royale Apk Info

NameClash Royale Apk
File Size107.13 MB

Clash Royale Leagues

When the Clash Royale player reaches 4000 trophies, they’ll be placed into nine different leagues according to their trophy number. At the end of each season, Clash Royale players will receive rewards based on their position in the Clash Royale League. Also, when a season ends, player’s trophy above the 4000 limits will be reduced to half. For example, if you have 5200 trophies at the end of the season then at the starting of the new season, it will be 4600 trophies.

After the update of November 2018, clan battles of Clash Royale are transferred to Clash Royale clan wars as 2v2 battles.

Best 2v2 Decks

2v2 decks are best for winning more Clash Royale Chests, Gold, cards, etc. 2v2 is a game mode where you’ll have to play against two other players. Your teammate can be from your clan or any other players in Clash Royale APK. Again, you can choose your opponents from your in-game friends, clans, or randomly. 2v2 is different from regular Clash Royale APK battles because, in 2v2 battle, you’ll have to battle against 2 opponents.

Clash Royale players who don’t want to lose trophies play this mode. This 2v2 mode allows them to win Clash Royale Chests, Gold, and Cards. If you want to win more Clash Royale Chests, and Gold, you’ll need a solid strategy.

You can apply the Miner Deck strategy to win 2v2 challenges. It has both defensive and offensive potentials. The Miner Deck has seven elixirs four-card cycles, including Bats, Skeleton, the Log, and the Wall breaker. You can bait or tackle Zap, Snowball, Tornado, Arrows, and Poison with the Bats. Again, you can bait Poison, Lightning, Fireball, and Magic Archer.

You can try different synergies-

  • The Miner with the Magic Archer
  • The Wall Breaker with the Miner
  • The Miner with the Bats

Clash Royale Cards

This App has a total of 98 cards, but among these cards, 5 cards that made the Clash Royale APK more fun and interesting. These cards are the Flying Machine, Cannon Carts, Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, and the Pure Royale. By using these five cards, you can get unlimited Gold, elixir, and gems. Also, you can unlock anything with these cards.

Clash Royale Private Server has more features in these cards, which you can use for various purposes.

Clash Royale APK is the most popular version of the game. In this APK, all cards are free. It has incredible features like- you can make tombstones easily, train barbarians quickly, unlimited elixir, and so on. You can unlock everything by using the APK Clash Royale. Besides, you can design your troops and customize your strategy.

There is another private server called Mega Knight Private Server. In this server, you’ll find new characters, including Nasty Frosty, Mega P.E.K.K.A, Mega Knights, and so on. Like the Clash Royale APK Pure server, this server cards have unlimited resources which you can use to move up your game. Also, when you use the Mega Knight Private Server, you’ll be in a fantasy world where you’ll be considered as the chief of a village.

Flying Machine is an incredible card. If you want to defend, there’s no better card than the Flying Machine. However, this card isn’t free. You’ll have to spend 4 elixirs to have a Flying Machine. The Flying Machine is very effective when you’re aiming long-range, and it can easily defeat spawners.

Other Clash Royale Cards

There’s another card called the Cannon Card, and it’ll cost you 5 elixirs to deploy. However, its lifespan is only 20 seconds, but if you use the graveyards with the cannon cards, it’ll increase its speed and impact.

Skeleton Barrel is another interesting Clash Royale APK card, which will cost you 3 elixirs. To unlock the builder workshop, you’ll have to use the Skeleton Barrel. The Skeleton Barrel is deployed to destroy the opponent’s tower. It can destroy the opponent’s tower even when it’s sent alone. So, if you have a strategy to destroy the opponent’s tower at first, you can deploy the Skeleton barrel at the beginning of the attack. Again, if you combine the Skeleton Barrel with a Zap, it can take out minions, and Goblins.

Clash Royale Cards are very fun to play, and if you can utilize them properly, you can move up in the game easily. However, if you’re stuck in the game or bored playing in the official server of the Clash Royale APK, you can try different Clash Royale APK Private Servers. These servers will let you play the App with unlimited resources, Gold, elixirs, and troops. Also, when you play in those private servers, you can unlock everything that you like. You’ll be in a fantasy world where you’ll be the chief of the village. Also, you can build your own clans, village, empires, and this is completely free of cost. Few of these Clash Royale APK Private Servers are- Clash Royale APK Pure Private Server, Clash Royale APK Mega Knight Private Server, and so on.

Clash Royale Free APK Updates

Updates make any game more interesting and bug-free. This APK is no different. Supercell has brought many updates over the years. The first update of the Clash Royale APK came in 2016. In that update, some minor bugs were fixed and balanced. Also, some major changes were done too. For example, the health of the Prince was decreased by 4%. Also, the Skeleton Level was decreased by 1%. These minor changes created a balance in the game and made the game more interesting.

In the next few updates, Supercell introduced more changes in the App like-new spells, troops, structures, tournament mode, season mode, etc. These changes were welcomed by the Clash Royale APK players, and they liked it very much.

The main purpose of these changes is to make the Clash Royale APK game smoother and more fun to the players, and Supercell has been successful in it. Now, the Clash Royale APK has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. It’s definitely following the path of the Clash of Clans.

In the latest update, various new features were added, and some bugs were fixed. For example, you can now learn about different tactics from others by watching the duel on Clash Royale TV. Also, you can challenge your friends connected though Google Play or through Supercell in a private server. You can challenge your Clanmates too.

Clash Royale APK Wallpapers

Game wallpapers are very important and fascinating to real gamers. Those who are in love with the Clash Royale APK want to download the Clash Royale APK wallpaper on their device. Pro gamers use game wallpaper as their personal device’s background, or sometimes they print it and hang it on their wall. Most game developer companies earn a significant amount of money by making game wallpapers.

You can find different Clash Royale APK wallpapers on the internet and download it for free.

To download the Clash Royale Wallpaper, first, go to Google and search for “Clash Royale APK Wallpaper.” Then go the image section or browse the different websites and choose your favorite wallpaper. After choosing your favorite wallpaper, you’ll find a download option on the image. Click on it, and the image will be downloaded. You can download wallpaper from the internet as much as you can for free.

Clash Royale APK Master Royale Private Server

Clash Royale APK Master Royale Private Server is the latest private server of the Clash Royale APK. In this server, you can collect unlimited Gold, Gems, Coins, Elixirs, and so on. At the starting of the game, you’ll be given 1 million Gems, which you can use to unlock all Clash Royale Cards and troops easily. You’ll get all the gems and cards for free.

Besides, you can enjoy awesome battles, events, etc. in the game. You can join battles with your clanmate, classmate, and friends. As everything is free in this private server, you can enjoy every thrill of the game. Also, you can use those Gems to move ahead of others in the game. You can enjoy the game fully when you have the Clash Royale APK Master Royale Private Server.

You can use Clash Royale Null APK, Descargar APK Clash Royale, Baixar Clash Royale APK as a mod version of Clash Royale. For fun purposes, these mod versions have no competitors.

Clash Royale on iOS Devices

Clash Royale is also available on the iOS platform. You can play the Clash Royale on your iPad and iPhone. You’ll get all the latest features of Clash Royale on your iOS device like any other android device. Also, you can collect new cards and upgrade your troops.

Clash Royale APK Mod

Clash Royale APK Mod is the same game, but it has unlimited resources. This feature makes the game interesting and fun to play. You’ll get all the resources for free. You can train your troops within a second and build structures with zero build time. Also, you can discover new buildings and characters with unlimited resources. There’s no restriction in the Clash Royale APK Mod version. You can choose any character that you like and play with it.

The biggest benefit of the Clash Royale APK Mod is that you can build your village fast, and train your troops within a second. You can go to battles as many times as you want, and you won’t have to worry about the resources. In regular Clash Royale, you’ll have to save elixirs and gold to train your troops and build the village but when you use the Clash Royale APK Mod, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can customize your bases as you like, and save layouts when needed.

Clash Royale APK Private Servers

You can explore this APK by using the Private server. You can try different strategies which you can use later in the game. But remember, you cannot sync the private server with the actual game server. All your progress will be lost from the private server.

Private servers are available for both android and iOS platforms. Private servers are easy to download, and after installing it, you can do whatever you want.

Few of the Clash Royale Private Servers are-

Clash of Yanis

Clash of Yans Private Server was created in 2017, and it has a huge number of active players. Like any other private servers, you’ll get unlimited resources, gold, and elixirs. With these unlimited resources, you can build your troops and try different strategies that you can use in the original Clash Royale game server. This will help you to go ahead of others in the game.

FHX for Clash Royale Private Server

FHX is another Clash Royale Private Server which you can use to improve your game on the original game servers. This server is fast, and there are many active users which you can battle against.


Clash Royale APK is a strategic game, and very fun to play. It’s the best game to test your strategic skills and have a wonderful time at the same time. Also, this is a great game to play with your friends and clanmates. By using the private servers, you can apply different strategies to move up your game in the original game server. In one sentence, This is the best game available on the internet, and you can download the APK here. Clash Royale is completely free to download, and you’ll find the APK real Clash Royale only here.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, turn on your internet connection. Now, go to the download page and click on the download icon. Clash Royale Mod APK will download automatically in the background. Meanwhile, go to your settings and click on the security option. Enable the unknown sources button.After downloading the Clash Royale Mod APK file, click on the file, and install it. The game will be installed automatically. After installing the game, click on the Clash Royale icon and enjoy the game.

Will Clash Royale Mod APK Harm My Device?

No, Clash Royale Mod APK is completely safe to download, and it won’t do any harm to your device.

Can I Sync the Clash Royale Mod Version with the Original Clash Royale?

Unfortunately, you cannot sync the Clash Royale Mod version with the original Clash Royale APK. Supercell doesn’t allow any mod version, and if you try to sync it with the original game, your account will be banned.

How to Update the Clash Royale Mod Version?

To update the Clash Royale Mod version, you’ll have to uninstall the version and download the latest version from our website. After downloading the latest version, all the procedures are the same described in the first FAQ.

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